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‘What Is Immersive Marketing?’ – A Clear & Concise Guide

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Immersive marketing is a rapidly growing market and already has an estimated market value of £1 Billion in the UK alone. Yet the question ‘What is Immersive marketing?’ is often on the lips of many of the organisations we work with here at Fuel. Are you also someone who is wondering ‘What is Immersive marketing?’ Luckily, we are here to answer that question in a clear and concise manner…

Simply, immersive marketing is a combination of virtual reality marketing (often referred to as VR), augmented reality marketing (often referred to AR), and finally 3D design. Each of these areas has quite a lot to them, but don’t worry. We’re going to explain a bit about what each area has to offer, providing you with a clear and concise summary of what these immersive marketing services have to offer without getting too bogged down in the nitty-gritty details.

What Is Virtual Reality Marketing?

Virtual reality marketing (VR) is the most immersive form of technology in the market. Virtual reality marketing is what people usually associate the billion pounds immersive market with – people walking around the funny looking goggles on! However, in technical terms, virtual reality marketing is a combination of CGI physical & visual first-person experience taking place within a realistic computer environment. The realistic simulated environment is experienced via a headset or VR headset to enable a fully immersive & realistic first-person experience.

Virtual reality can instantly immerse you into any environment you can imagine, from being sat within the living room of a house that isn’t even built yet, to laying on the beach in the Maldives – yes please! The opportunities are endless and there is more than likely a way for virtual reality marketing to elevate your business marketing. Virtual Reality is continuously helping to shape our world in many ways, and it’s going to keep innovating our future. Virtual Reality has evolved the way in which we are entertained and the way we do business.

With a drive to change the way we do business, Fuel Immersive has been helping organisations engage with their clients through sales and marketing since its incorporation.

What Is Augmented Reality Marketing?

Augmented reality marketing is best described as bringing components of the digital world into your perception of the real world through your phone or tablet. Augmented Reality is a technology that combines the real world’s physical environment with computer-generated imagery often on mobile devices and tablets bringing components of the digital world into your perception of the real world. A great example is being able to bring a room that is currently a blank canvas to life. By simply pivoting your phone around a room augmented reality creates the ability to envision what a room would like, without anything being within it.

Alternatively, why not engage your clients with an augmented reality assistant through your website who can guide you through the assembly of furniture. Adding an additional level of customer interaction that helps your brand stand out by representing you as friendly and supportive. Augmented reality is a great way of increasing user engagement and interaction, providing richer user experience.

What Is 3D Design/Modelling?

Simply put, 3D design is the process of creating a 3D model from an initial concept or recreating an object that already exists into a digital duplicate. These assets are then often used for marketing purposes to simply and cost-effectively showcase a product. 3D design is perfect for things that are pre-release or development, giving a clear idea to the user on how it will look and work.

Great uses of 3D Design are for things like e-Commerce; enabling high quality and realistic product images created to show all aspects and features of the product. 3D animations can also be made from these 3D designs for adverts or promotional videos, to illustrate concepts or products in certain scenarios to help them better connect with your intended demographic or prospective customers.

As the world is dominated by online shopping, where the public makes their decisions on purchases from the comforts of their own home, having 3D models of your products pays dividends. A single model can be repurposed for VR, AR, Image creation and videos to help you reach your customers, no matter what platform they use.

Here at Fuel Immersive, we specialise in creating a variety of different 3D model types from; games assets, product concepts to entire buildings and much more. For more information on Immersive marketing or to find out it can be used to help your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.