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    How Gamification can help your Brand increase Sales & Top of Mind Awareness

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    What is Gamification ?

    To provide a clear explanation of what gamification actually is and tries to achieve we start out with some dry textbook definitions. But don’t worry it’ll be short and sweet. 

    The core definition of gamification is “the inclusion of game-like elements in a non-gaming context to motivate people to behave in a certain way.” Ideally gamification leads to an extended as well as enhanced consumption that in return creates a memorable experience for the customer. 

    The two core strategies of gamification are the use of rewards in terms of completing tasks ,and competition to increase engagement and motivation. But enough theory for now. You probably ask yourself “How does all that translate into reality?” 

    How does it translate into Reality ?

    Successful and famous examples of gamification are for example the McDonalds Monopoly campaign where you collect so called streets, or peel off an instant win or online code or the Starbucks Rewards App where the customer collects virtual stars that fill up a virtual cup in their app. Here the principle becomes clearer. A gamification marketing campaign is designed in a game like manner which makes the whole experience more fun and memorable as well as exciting for the participant. The “player” has to immerse themselves into the task and needs to be focused enough to solve it or progress on the task (like collecting rewards points) but shouldn’t be over challenged at the same time to lose interest and abandon the “game”. 

    Combining two Worlds

    Here immersive technology goes hand in hand with gamification. Immersive technologies like Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR&AR) make it easier to create this desirable immersive experience that hooks the customer to the “game” which in turn gives a company time to expose the brand message to a given person and create top of mind awareness. 

    But not just top of mind awareness is a desirable byproduct of immersive gamification. You will also note an increase in sales. In ecommerce for example an immersive experience gives a better understanding of the product and takes away the uncertainty of for example not fitting clothes or furniture. This could be realised  through an Augmented Reality App deploying the desired object on a real world one like deploying furniture in a room or clothes on a person.

    This possibility of for example trying on clothing or moving around virtual furniture without leaving the house, creates an immersive experience that makes the player want to try more and therefore shop more. 

    Another sector that successfully combines gamification and immersive technologies is Education & Training. There, gamification and immersive technologies unite the best of two worlds to create a memorable hands on experience without the drawbacks of actual hands on training. 

    If you would like to find out more about how immersive technologies could enhance training, learning and development we have a detailed blog about it HERE.

    How can we help?

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