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    Augmented Reality

    Bringing components of the digital world into your perception of the real world.

    Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for quite some time now and is far more versatile than you probably think. Far more than just a gimmick, you can find it being used in business demonstrations, medical training, clothes shopping, gaming, TV broadcasting, interior design, manufacturing, and even marketing.

    AR technology blurs the line between the real world’s physical environment with computer-generated imagery. Often experienced using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as intermediaries, it brings components of the digital world into your perception of the real world, allowing you to clearly visualise something in situ despite it not actually being there.

    Augmented Reality Marketing

    At Fuel Immersive, we primarily use AR an interactive tool to demonstrate, create, collaborate and market anything from products to services and games. For example, you could visit a furniture website, select the item you would like to purchase and place it into your home, seeing how all the colours and options blend into your decor.

    The obvious benefit of this is that the return rate would drop significantly as online shoppers are able to actually see and experience what a piece of furniture would look like as part of their home, rather than simply see a picture on a white background and try to imagine it in place. Needless to say, there would also be a positive effect on the online order rate and overall customer satisfaction.

    Another use could be the creation of an app that allows you to leave notes and instructions in physical spaces to help people navigate or learn more about the locations. A prime example of this could be AirBnB, leaving notes and instructions for new visitors.

    AR At Fuel Immersive

    See the digital and real worlds merge into one using a looking-glass of endless information. The team at Fuel Immersive can provide an augmented reality solution for any business, in any industry.

    Feel free to contact us at to find out how we can leverage your business with immersive technologies.