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Augmented Reality Marketing: 5 Success Stories For 2021

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Augmented Reality presentation on a tablet

Augmented reality marketing has really started to fly over the past couple of years. With its unique ability to (quite literally) bring products to life, it’s no wonder AR is becoming an increasingly popular aspect of digital marketing.

The benefits of using AR in retail are endless. Offering an exciting opportunity for customers to visualise and interact with products, a growing number of brands are choosing to incorporate AR into their digital marketing strategy- these include a few names you might just recognise…

Indeed, it’s the big brands that have been leading the way with virtual and augmented reality marketing. Below are just a few of the big success stories the world of augmented reality marketing has seen so far.


Whilst online shopping is great for allowing us to shop from the comfort of our own homes, the fact that we cannot physically try on the clothes can be a disadvantage. Looking to counteract this drawback, Asos introduced their ‘Virtual Catwalk’ in 2019. By tapping the “AR” button next to a product, customers could view the clothing on a ‘live model’ in front of them. Giving customers a realistic insight into how the product would actually look in real life, this example demonstrates the ability of Augmented reality marketing to improve consumer confidence. Customers can gain more of an insight into the product before they buy it which in turn reduces return rates – a win/win situation for any supplier.


Helping customers to choose the perfect paint colour with confidence, the Dulux ‘visualizer app’ allows users to see the colours in their own living space. This form of augmented reality marketing puts the customer in control of what they are buying, allowing them to visualise the product in a more realistic way. Customers can play around with different colours, choosing the style that suits them and enabling them to make the product their own. With these benefits in mind, it’s no surprise that augmented reality trends have swept across the world of interior design.


For furniture brands, augmented reality marketing provides an invaluable opportunity for customers to visualise products in the layout of their own homes. Our most beloved Swedish home interiors store has led the way in making the most of this technology. ‘IKEA Place’ allows customers to virtually place items in their personal living space in order to assess how new products would appear alongside their existing room layout. This personalised experience encourages a higher level of customer engagement with the product which in turn is more likely to lead to a successful conversion.


Adding an actual whole new dimension to the world of shoe shopping, Adidas has created an AR ‘Sneakers try-on ap’. Using their smartphones users can virtually try-on a range of Adidas’ most iconic models without stepping foot outside of the front door. Foot tracking software follows the user’s movements in real-time allowing them to find the right size, whilst enabling them to see what the shoes will look like on their own feet. Setting the tone for future augmented reality trends in footwear, Adidas were able to attract customers with their innovation, increasing conversion rates and decreasing return rates.

Modiface on Amazon

Leaders in creating AR for beauty brands, Modiface was acquired by L’Oreal in 2018 and has created a mobile app that allows Amazon users to view makeup looks virtually. Shoppers can try on different products, such as lipstick shades, giving them the chance to ‘try before they buy’. AR trends like this also just make the eCommerce experience a whole lot more fun and interactive! It engages customers whilst making your brand a hot topic of conversation.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty more examples of some really cool stuff done by some really cool people but hopefully, this has provided you with more of a glimpse into the potential of augmented reality marketing.

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